Monday, November 16, 2009

Underwire Bikini Tops - the Perfect Swim Top for Both Small and Large Bust Sizes

Underwire bikini tops are fantastic for both those who are a little-smaller-on-top and those who are a bit busty on top. Underwire bikini tops both enhance what you have and offer added support.

An underwire bikini top, especially one in a demi cut, can really enhance the chest of a woman with a smaller breast size. A demi cut resembles a bra, but it is not a full cup. A demi cup with a little bit of padding can offer a woman the cleavage she never knew she had! If you are smaller on top, it is also a good idea to look for swimsuits that offer texture like ruffles. It is also good to wear a suit with an interesting pattern – something that will deflect attention away from your bust.

An underwire bikini top is also great for women with large busts. It is about time that swimsuit designers started offering both bikinis and one-piece swimming suits with bra-style support. Heaven knows that women need that support just as much, if not more, when out playing on the beach or in the water. Women with large busts should wear bikini tops with hidden underwire for that necessary, extra support. If a woman wants to minimize her bustline, she can wear a swimsuit with a straight cut across the top with wide set straps.

You can pick out an underwire bikini top in the same way that you would pick out an underwire bra. A bikini top with a floating underwire is best – an underwire that moves with you. Also, be sure that you do not choose a bikini top with an underwire that digs into you, just because it is cute. You will not think it is so cute once you have to spend all day feeling uncomfortable, and your welt will not be so cute, either!

And, just like with underwire bras, do not stick your underwire bikini top into the washing machine and dryer – for one thing, it is not good for the material (it will make your swimsuit wear out sooner), and also it could cause the underwire to come loose and move around to places you do not want it to be. Overall, if you are looking for a flattering swimsuit that gives support as well, try an underwire bikini top.

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